The story of Atria Holdings

For a few years now, Mohammad Al Sheikh Suliman has been investing and starting business around the world. However, in 2020, Mohammad decided to manage all his businesses under one umbrella. Hence, Atria Holdings came to life in the United Kingdom.

With the vision to harness all available and imaginable tools to solve problems, empower innovation and go the extra mile to have the positive social impact it aspires to make, the multicultural founding team came together to make that vision reality.

Atria Holdings listed all partnerships of Mohammad Al Sheikh Suliman immediately under it; Al Sheikh Real Estate, Al Sheikh Stud, Evest and several startups ranging from online payment solutions to agriculture to innovative pharmaceuticals.

In the coming few years, Atria aims to become the north star of innovative businesses in the MENA region.

About Mohammad Al Sheikh Suliman

Although he is one of the youngest successful businessmen in the world, and despite what he’s known for across his teams for being loving, tender and caring, the born in 1994 Mohammad is known to be fierceful relentless competitor when it comes to business.

Mohammad started his first business following his true passion in this world, The Arabian Horses. Al Sheikh Stud has had a meteoric rise, winning silver in its first year and the championship in 2018 with the mare Equator, and most recently with the filly Algamra, who dominated the championship and was named World Horse Champion for 2019.

Mohammad holds a degree in political sciences & international relations and was recently announced to be the Goodwill ambassador by the United Nations.