Al Sheikh Stud
A passion for legendary thoroughbreds

Al Sheikh Stud's office located in Dubai is widely regarded as the home of the legendary thoroughbred Arabian beautiful horses. The stud, which is owned by Mohammad Al Sheikh himself, is located in the heart of Belgium. Al Sheikh Stud is the ideal setting for breeding and raising the most beautiful Arabian thoroughbreds.

Al Sheikh Stud is carefully managed to ensure that the land continues to provide the necessary nutrients for the legendary thoroughbreds' optimal growth and health. A highly professional and experienced staff, combined with first-rate facilities, creates the ideal environment for raising the magnificent Arabian thoroughbred. Our emphasis at Al Sheikh Stud is on personalised care and attention for your horses, from breeding to foaling to the weaning process, whether for the season or full-time.

Established in 2016, it has been a rising star among Arabian thoroughbreds breeders in both Europe and the Middle East especially after being the world first time two time winner of the Arabian Horse World Championship in two consecutive years.

Equator, a senior stallion, won the gold medal in Arabian Horse World Championship held in Paris in 2018. Serenza won the silver medal in the same championship in 2018. Al Gamra won the gold medal as a fillies in the Arabian Horse World Championship held in Paris in 2019.