Al Sheikh Real Estate

The art of managing assets

Al Sheikh Asset Management is a leading global alternative asset manager, with a portfolio exceeding $xxx in assets across real estate, infrastructure, renewable energy, and private equity.

Several building projects, including hotels and apartments, are currently in our portfolio. To attract investors, buyers, and visitors, the locations of our projects were carefully chosen in areas with a promising economic future and stunning panoramic views.

Al Sheikh Asset Management's executive team consists of the best engineers, architects, counselors, and builders. Our passion for each project begins with the selection of a vacant plot of land and ends with the delivery of ultra-luxurious properties.

We are currently constructing the first "Al-Sheikh Hotel & Resort." This hotel and resort will have 45 rooms spread across 2600 square meters divided into 6 floors. Each hospitality unit will include a seating area, a bar, a sunbathing area, and a hot tub.

Al Sheikh Asset Management is also in the process of completing four luxury villas on top of a hill with a breathtaking independent panoramic view.